About Us

Who We Are

MedCom is a division of Blackbox Ecom who are a specialist medical marketing company. We understand the unique needs of the medical industry, and have in depth knowledge about the issues surrounding medical marketing regulations.

Our technical expertise allows us to generate highly creative ways to get the results you need. Writing our own software, we have developed what we believe are some of the world's leading medical marketing tools.

With websites and new media, we have an impressive proven record, creating search engine strategies within some of the most competitive markets on the Internet.

Take the time to read the SEO best practices guides that our web team have written.


What We Do

We are a team of specialists and we do everything in-house from development, engineering, design, copy writing, illustrations through to hosting.

To succeed in the most highly competitive arena in the world - the Internet - you need experts with an incredibly high degree of technical knowledge. We offer solutions based on experience and genuine knowledge.