Consultancy service

By the time that you have been through a few of the models, you will, we hope start to get a sense of what we are about. We are consummate professionals, but are also easy going and easy to deal with.

Throughout the MedCom Private Practice Course, you probably got bored with us saying “If you have a question, we are here to help – just drop us a line, or give us a call. But we actually, really mean it!

We often get calls from Consultants who have purchased the course to say that they 100% buy in to the message and principles and that they can see that it would absolutely work for them. However, the demands of work and family are such that, they just do not have the time or bandwidth to implement the elements, in a timescale that they are comfortable with.

For some, this is understandably stressful, because the prize is attractive and clearly attainable, but they wanted it sooner rather than at a pace dictated by life and conflicting calls on their time.

Our solution to this conundrum is to offer a bespoke consultancy service, whereby we are able to lighten the load, and on your behalf, and with your oversight implement as much or as little of the programme as you desire.

As every case and requirement is a little different, our approach is to have an initial discussion, listen to your requirements, understand your practice and then discuss your needs.

Once we are comfortable that we can deliver for you, and you are comfortable that our terms are compelling, then we get cracking, with energy enthusiasm and a determination to absolutely demonstrate the practical application of the course in motion!

  • Obtain Medical Malpractice Terms
  • Website design & build + Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social media strategy and implementation (including Linkedin)
  • Hubspot implementation – Inbound lead generation
  • Insurer presence optimisation (BUPA / AXA / AVIVA/ Vitality/ Healix / Alliance Surgical
  • Business Development – GP / Allied Health Professionals
  • Business Management with Hospital Director & BDM on your behalf

Realise the commercial benefits of the Practice Development 101 Course, delivered on your behalf with passion and attention to detail by the team at MedCom.