Private Practice 101

The Private Practice Course is an essential guide which will greatly benefit you as a Consultant, whether you are just starting out in private practice and looking to become established, or indeed have been practicing for some time and are perhaps looking to ramp things up a notch and increase activity to the next level – perhaps you have aspirations to move in to full-time Private sector work.

The market and referral patterns in particular have changed radically in recent years, with competition intensifying as the old GP relationship for referral model becomes increasingly less relevant in terms of driving patient numbers.

We receive feed back on an almost weekly basis that and many long established consultants with seven figure practices have seen patient referrals diminish in recent times.

The Private Practice Course will invigorate your work load and give you the tools required to gain real and tangible traction in terms of a presence in your catchment area.

The masterclass offers an easily digestible, straightforward step by step guide which will empower a Consultant from any specialty to create a successful and vibrant private practice business, whilst driving efficiency and reducing costs.

There is no risk whatsoever. You have a full 30 Day No quibble, Money Back Guarantee. We are that confident that the Private Practice 101 course will be a game changer as they say.

Delivered, online and in a modular format you are able to devour the condensed, 20 hours of invaluable content at a pace that works for you.

At a cost of just £400 (or putting it in to perspective, 2 initial outpatient appointments) you have the opportunity to gain the benefit of over 40 years of sales, marketing and commercial expertise in the healthcare market.

One client alone (Orthopaedic, Spinal Surgeon), saved a staggering £30,000 on the cost of their Medical Malpractice Insurance on a like for like basis, by simply following the step by step guide, within the first Module alone (Medical Malpractice)

Within the Private Practice 101 Course, we cover the fundamental elements that determine whether your practice will flourish commercially. It is no longer sufficient to be a gifted surgeon, or physician in the here and now, in order to thrive you need to be up to speed with the key success drivers in order to maximise your referral rates

  • Medical Malpractice (A buyer’s market,if you know where to look and how to engage - despite radical change)
  • The CMA (What every Consultant should know, but many are not told)
  • Private Medical Insurers – Algorithms, Rankings & Referrals
  • The Private Patient Register
  • Getting more from your Private Hospital partners
  • Business Development strategies that actually work
  • GP Engagement + Allied Health Professionals
  • Seminars and training events (The proven formula for success)
  • Making a website that works for you & making it visible
  • Linkedin, Social Media, Mailing lists (making it simple, making it effective)
  • Hubspot – The future of inbound lead generation