Stage 4: Launch

We perform a number of pre-flight checks based on years of experience.  These are technical checks to make sure your go-live goes smoothly.  Once we have completed our checks you can go-live.

This process involves pointing your domain name to our webservers.  This is done by making 3 DNS changes:

  1. A record change for your root domain, (
  2. CNAME record change for your www subdomain (
  3. CNAME record change to validate our SSL certificate.  This will provide you with https support.

This then usually takes 60 minutes to take effect and your site is live.


Your website will send out various automated emails from your domain.  We may need to create some additional DNS records to ensure that these emails are delivered effectively.

In Summary:

  • We host your website on our servers
  • Once we have built your website, you point your domain name to our servers.
  • Your site is live in 60 minutes (on average).